New Knoxville Supply Company Inc.

About Us

New Knoxville Supply Company became incorporated in 1931 when William J. Hinze, Walter A. Kuck, Raymond Duhme, and Eli Tinnerman bought out H K & K Roofing Company, which was owned and operated by Hinze, C. D. Katterheinrich, and S. B. Katterheinrich. In addition to spouting and roofing, they started into the plumbing, electrical, heating, sheet metal, and air conditioning business.
   In 1939, William Hinze and his son, Howard, bought out Tinnerman and Kuck. Ten years later, a second son of Hinze's, Kenith "Fat", became a partner purchasing his father's shares. In the same year, Catherine Hinze took over her husband Wlliam's partnership. In 1952, due to the sudden death of Howard Hinze, O. H. Mahn, A. F. Hoge, and J. W. Hoge bought his stock.
   Fourteen years later, Willis Kuck, Walter's son and David Arnett, bought out Mahn and the Hoge brothers.
   When "Fat" retired in 1981, Douglas, Willis's son and Robert Grimes purchased his interest.
   Due to the death of Willis Kuck in May 1982, and the shocking death of his son, Douglas, six months later, the company made another stock change. At this time, William E. Meyer and Jill Tinnerman bought into the company. Jill's great-grandfather was William J. Hinze.
   Robert Grimes left the company in 1985. Gary Arnett, David's son, bought into the company.
   In 1986 Kurt Arnett, David's eldest son, purchased shares from his father and became a partner in New Knoxville Supply Company.
   In March of 1994 William E. Meyer passed away, making another stock change. Troy, David's youngest son, acquired shares and also became a partner in New Knoxville Supply Company.
   In June of 1998, David Arnett retired from New Knoxville Supply Company and the shareholders today, October, 2006 are Gary Arnett, Kurt Arnett, Troy Arnett, and Jill Tinnerman.
   The old shop had been located at the same site since the inception of the business over seventy-five years ago located at 105 East Bremen Street, in the heart of downtown New Knoxville. The old facility housed offices, a showroom, sheet metal shop, a warehouse, and garages. Our building covered 11,000 square feet.
   2006 marked the 75th anniversary of New Knoxville Supply Company Inc. and a decision was made to build a new building in the New Knoxville Industrial Park, just east of New Knoxville. Our new facility is approximately three times larger than the old business.
   New Knoxville Supply Co., Inc. has an additional seven full-time employees, Rodney Kuck (Willis Kuck's grandson), Dennis Stroh, Matthew Zwiebel, Matthew Hoelscher, Brian Shuster, Shawn Dunlap, and Brian Clune. Part-time employees are David Arnett, Melissa McCabe, and Mike Slone. New Knoxville Supply Company Inc., focuses on the residential market within a 35-mile radius of New Knoxville, as well as commercial and industrial jobs. We do plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, and sheet metal duct work, installations and service. Now housing more inventory to meet the public needs.